The Aurora journey

The Aurora journey is all about personal transformation, self-healing and empowerment. In this process I will open transformational pathways for you to discover yourself, your power and your purpose.

Investing in and understanding yourself in a new way, allows a personal evolution, to open potential in all areas of your life. We cannot fully become ourselves by ourselves, so I will be supporting you every step of the way.

The Process

Each month you will be able to access a recorded module, to help build essential knowledge, to explore limitations towards personal freedom and empowerment.

After each module, an online one to one meeting is provided to allow any questions and explore new thoughts and awareness that may have been stimulated. A monthly 90 minute treatment is also included, preferably held in person at my clinic (though can be held online), to restore and support emotional and physical health.

A three month option is also available to include the first 3 modules, online meetings and treatment sessions. Cost per month is £333.


Free 30 minute discovery call to introduce myself, get to know you and talk about the process to find out how beneficial this may be for you. To arrange a time that works for us both, please email me.

“It is rare to find a woman who is so committed to her authentic expression with the desire to bring all women present to their personal authority and feminine empowerment.”

Rachel Rose, Third Generation Healer