Online Retreats

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Online circles bringing transformational conversations and discoveries.

An invitation to connect and ground our energy, will be followed by ‘The Inspiration’, which includes transformational information, personal transformational exercises and a meditation to integrate healing shifts. Sharing this space with other like minded women, in a non-judgemental, safe environment, allows an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and new realisations.

Limited spaces on each circle. Each month will bring new inspirations and opportunities to drop deeper.

Online Retreat Dawn

Dates & times

Online circles are held around the new or full moon when the feminine energies allow us drop into deeper access. Evening circles are on a weekday from 6-9pm and daytime circles are on a Sunday from 3-6pm. Please contact me for availability.

Monthly exchange of £33

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“If you want to be reminded of your highest calling, your beauty, power, your purpose, your joy, your love…this is your opportunity. One thing I know, I will never forget this experience and would never want to”

Jamie Linegar