Kinesa Touch is an intuitively guided treatment for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing, enhancing self-harmony and personal balance.

After practising and teaching Kinesiology for 20 years, as well as training and developing my skills in many other modalities, I had a strong sense that there was something more for me to give, that was waiting to emerge. I felt there was something bigger in me, a feeling that I had not fully stepped into my destiny. I wanted to access deeper levels of my life experiences in order to help and support women in a more powerful way.

I have had to navigate some dramatic changes towards freedom. and self-determination. This part of my journey was a profound discovery into my own emotional healing. I uncovered my inherent feminine power through the transformation of trauma and negative self-belief, into a deeper connection and understanding of myself as a woman and a healer. This is the birth right of all woman.

Kinesa Touch opens unconditional and loving energy streams and weaves together emotional healing, dissolvement of negative programming and clears etheric bodies. Muscle testing allows communication with the body to address nutritional and physical imbalances. Every session is unique and intuitively guided to meet you.

Whilst extended treatments are included each month as part of this journey, additional sessions can be arranged during or beyond completion.

Cost £150 (2 hours)

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“My world has expanded. The quality of my life has improved by multiples. Changes I would not have dared dream of have resulted from my work with Dawn.”

Elizabeth Smart